Q: Bamboo, Reed, Wood? What is this stuff~ and what really works?

A: Lately we've seen more and more misinformation about diffuser reeds. The answer is simple. It's not wood. It's not bamboo. It's "reed", and reed is the only fiber that will work.

Easy to understand if you think about it botanically: Bamboo absolutely does NOT work because of its structure. Bamboo has what are called "nodes" on the outside of the plant. These are like tree "knots". On the inside of the bamboo at this location are "diaphragms" which block the flow of liquid from one section of the bamboo to the next.

When bamboo is used for fountains, the solid wall of the diaphragm needs to be knocked out to create an opening. When bamboo grows to this size, it's also very hard and dense. (hard to be used as a substitute for hardwood flooring.)

When you slice bamboo into slivers that make up "bamboo skewers", the plant doesn't lose any of this characteristic hardness. A bamboo skewer just looks similar to a reed. But it can't wick oils like reed.

Reed, on the other hand, is very porous and excellent for diffusion. Each 3mm reed stick contains 20 or more individual cellular sections that run from top to bottom of the reed- like 20 micro-mini straws, totally open to pull liquid from bottom to top.

This wicks the fragrance from inside the bottle, carries it to the top surface of the reed, and releases the fragrance into the air naturally. Our reed supplier has been in the reed business for 25 years. They absolutely stand by these facts.

Q: What are "Reed Diffusers" and how do they work?

A: Reed diffusers are the best where candles cannot be burned.

Strong, vibrant scents. No risk of fire.

Reed diffusers have a wonderful aromatic scent while being flame-free.

Absolutely no heat is needed. This makes them safe for classrooms, offices, nursing homes, homes.

WARNING: Heating reed diffuser scents is VERY DANGEROUS as they are FLAMMABLE!!!!!!

Reed diffusers emanate NO soot or film onto your furniture, walls and ceiling.

The BEST thing about Reed Diffusers? They last for months!

Pour the oil into the diffuser bottle, insert sticks.

Turn over once to expose oil-moistened sticks to air.

The oil will continue to wick up the sticks and scent your room for several months.

Turn sticks upside down occasionally to refresh scent. (When the oil is finally used up, simply pour in an oil refill and replace the diffuser sticks.)

Q: Can I just add a vegetable oil carrier to make Diffuser Oil from Fragrance oils? Can I use my candle oils or other oils "as is"?

A: No. Fragrance Diffuser oils are oils that have been designed for maximum wicking and optimum fragrance dispersion. Standard fragrance oils are too thick to diffuse properly through the reed.

It's not just a matter of adding x ounces of some kind of diluted liquid. Each essential oil or fragrance oil has different characteristics of scent components and viscosity.

Achieving the right formula for each fragrance diffuser oil requires the skills of an experienced perfumer (aka fragrance chemist).

Q: What size reed do I use?

A: The 15" reeds we offer should be cut to a length of double the height of the bottle used.

eg: a 4" bottle uses 8" reeds.

Q: How much Fragrance Diffuser Oil should I put in the diffuser bottle?

A: Start out with a full or half full bottle of oil. 4 to 8 oz of oil in a typical 8 oz bottle.

This will not only allow the oil to enter from the ends of the reed, but also, to permeate the reed sides too.

The diffusion will take place faster and stronger. The fragrance will continue to diffuse as long as there's any amount of diffuser oil in the bottle.

However, if you start with just 2 oz., it will take a much longer amount of time for the oil to begin diffusing, since it will be wicking purely through the capillary action on the bottom ends of the reeds.

Q: How many reeds should I put in the bottle?

A: 10 to 12 reeds will diffuse plenty of scent with our fragrance diffuser oils. If the bottle neck is a little wider, 15 reeds look and diffuse fine too.

Q: Can I dilute Fragrance oil with water to make a diffuser blend?

A: No. Oil and water don't mix. The viscosity is totally different too. You'll end up with uneven wicking and warped reeds.

Q: Why can't I just re-use my sticks over and over again?

A: Once the sticks are totally saturated, the cells in the reeds get somewhat clogged and lose their ability to pull the scent up into the reeds and throw the fragrance into the room.

Needless to say, you definitely can't move the reeds to a different scent of oil- because the cells will be clogged with the previous scent of fragrance diffuser oil. You won't get a pure scent transfer.

Q: Will airing out the reeds outside "clean" them?

A: No. The reeds are saturated with oil.

Oil doesn't evaporate in the same way that water does.

Q: My bottle is not empty but my fragrance doesn't seem to be diffusing.

A: Add new reeds and your fragrance oil will start up again. Occasionally reeds may become saturated.

If there's a question that you have~ that isn't answered here~ do email and we'll do our best to answer.

Thank you!